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Q: What is “hickory golf”?
A: Hickory golf is golf played with antique wooden-shafted clubs or reproduction wooden shaft clubs.  Club heads must date from 1935 or earlier. Golf is played on regulation courses at appropriate distances for hickory clubs. Rules are constructed to include a number of clubs from the period that were subsequently made illegal and there is no limit on the number of clubs that can be used.  Balls are modern balls, also modern reproductions of vintage balls.

Q: What is the Michigan Hickory Tour?
A: The MHT is a loosely organized group of hickory golf players in and around the state of Michigan.  We play hickory golf at least once monthly during the season and our events are open to all.  Loaner clubs are available upon arrangement for first time players. The MHT plays on a variety of courses from country clubs to local muni’s, always trying to play on period golf courses.  Typically events are arranged in some sort of competition and are followed by dinner at a local pub.  Our preferred time is Sunday afternoon.

Q: Do I need a handicap to play on the MHT?
A: Most of our local events, and all national events (see SoHG website) are played with hickory handicaps created from hickory-only play.  First-time players who do not have a hickory handicap play either with modern club handicaps or if no handicap is available, then play at scratch.  Free handicaps are available from the Society of Hickory Golfers.

Q: What is the Society of Hickory Golfers?
A:  The SoHG is a hickory golf association of players throughout the corntry and world which currently numbers around 600. The SoHG provides hickory handicaps and organizes the US Hickory Open for SoHG players as a national championship.  Please look at the SoHG website: for more information.

Q: Do I need to be an SoHG member to play on the Michigan Hickory Tour?
A: No, but you will need a hickory handicap from the SoHG. The SoHG hickory handicap system is provided free by the SoHG on its website as a service to hickory golf.

Q: How do I find and put together a hickory playset?
A: Your first source would be your fellow hickory players who typically have extra clubs and playsets to loan, trade, sell.  Click here for great basic information from the SoHG website.